Session 2 : Post-Truth Politics

6pm - 7pm

The idea of Post-Truth politics has become ubiquitous, repeatedly used to describe the changing role of media and information in political contexts in which debates are increasingly framed by appeals to emotions and often disconnected from the details of policies. What do post-truth politics imply, in differing national contexts? What light can an exercise in comparison shed on what seems to have become a global trend?

Speakers include Mukulika Banerjee (LSE), Jean-Claude Monod (ENS/CNRS) and Richard Bronk (LSE). Chaired by Damian Tambini (LSE).
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Citizens of Nowhere

Session 5 : Constitutions Under Stress

7.30pm – 8.30pm

A panel of academic researchers working in the areas of law, constitutional history and reforms, and democratic communication will discuss current constitutional challenges faced by Europe and United States. What are the constitutional implications of the Brexit vote? How can democracies react to the rise of populist, anti-systems parties, or pro-independence movements? To what extent do new technologies open up new constitutional perspectives?

Speakers include Julie Smith, Baroness of Newnham (Cambridge, Liberal Democrat member of the House of Lords), Jo Murkens (LSE), Scot Peterson (Oxford), Nicolas Roussellier (Sciences Po) and Richard Toye (Exeter). Chaired by Julie Smith, Baroness of Newnham (Cambridge, Liberal Democrat member of the House of Lords).
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Citizens of Nowhere

Session 8 : Citizenship and Transnationalism

9pm – 10pm

Social historians and political philosophers are asked what impact migration and transnationalism have on European social and economic policy. What is the current position of transnational citizens, confronted with different models of multiculturalism and different responses to minority claims? Have recent circumstances changed reactions to gender, ethnic or religious difference and/or discrimination?

Speakers include Simon Glendinning (LSE), Nancy Green (EHESS) and Pap Ndiaye (Sciences Po). Chaired by Simon Hix (LSE).
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Citizens of Nowhere

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