Session 3 : Enlightenment Memories

6.15pm – 7pm

What are the intellectual, cultural and political legacies that shape our contemporary European conscience? Is there a shared memory of the Enlightenment in today’s Europe? Is the concept of cosmopolitanism that was developed at that time still relevant? Are a cosmopolitan democracy, a cosmopolitan education possible?

Speakers include Catriona Seth (Oxford), David Reynolds (Cambridge), Florence Robine (French Ministry for Education), Rotraud von Kulessa (Augsburg University) and Lea Ypi (LSE). Chaired by Catriona Seth (Oxford).
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Changing Narratives

Session 6 : Generations, Voice and Action

7.30pm - 8.30pm

Contemporary forms of voice and action seem to be challenging the way political activism is traditionally understood. With each new generation bringing in its wake new preferential modes of expression, is the political action of previous generations made irrelevant and obsolete? Are some generations outvoted? Do the younger generations, those on social media, those of the “Generation 89”, have a specific role to play?

Speakers include Michael Cottakis (LSE) and representatives of “Generation 89”, Bart Cammaerts (LSE), Jiřina Šiklová (Charter 77). Chaired by Catherine Robert (French Embassy, London).

Changing Narratives

Session 9 : European Narratives and Emotions

9pm – 10pm

Recent political trends seem to have challenged the idyll of a common European adventure. How do economic realities and political narratives influence the way citizens make their electoral choices? What does this tell us about their conception of Europe as a legitimate political entity? And what kind of new cultural, intellectual or political constructions and mythologies can contribute to bringing Europe closer to its citizens?

Speakers include Michael Bruter (LSE), Kalypso Nicolaïdis (Oxford), Jonathan White (LSE) and Cécile Alduy (Stanford). Chaired by Sonia Stolper (journalist, Libération).

Changing Narratives

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