Nancy L. Green

Nancy L. Green is Professor of History at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales in Paris, where she is a member of the Centre de recherches historiques. She received her doctorate from the University of Chicago (1980) and a doctorat d’État from the Université de Paris 7 (1996). She is a specialist of migration history and French and American social history, and her major publications include Ready-to-Wear and Ready-to-Work: A Century of Industry and Immigrants in Paris and New York (Duke University Press, 1997), The Other Americans in Paris: Businessmen, Countesses, Wayward Youth, 1880-1941 (Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 2014), and Citizenship and Those Who Leave : The Politics of Emigration and Expatriation (Urbana, Ill., University of Illinois Press, 2007). An edited volume is just off the press: A Century of Transnationalism: Immigrants and their Homeland Connections (co-ed. with R. Waldinger, University of Illinois, 2016).

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